Spring Newsletter 2013

Dear Friends & Supporters

Counselling: Last year was quieter for counselling, with 82 referrals, in comparison with 97 in 2011 and 122 in 2010. However, around 950 hours of counselling hours were delivered, an increase of 150 hours on 2011. Around 350 hours of supervision were delivered, which has increased considerably, due to the greater number of counsellors. The Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service continue to be extremely busy and we are still getting some new clients from GPs and Adult Mental Health. However, our range of referrals does seem to be coming from a wider source, including our website. Thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Amanda, Fiona, Liz, Sue, Christine, Emma, Annabel, Jane, Julie, Janet and Sarah, Colin, Nigel, Tom and Greg and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura and Brian, who all continue to give their time and skills. We have been joined by Carmel and Jo, who, like Greg, are doing a placement with us and we welcome these new counsellors to our team. We have been able to allocate clients to counsellors, without having a waiting list, although that position may change soon.

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