Spring Newsletter 2014

Counselling: Last year was our busiest year to date and our final number of new referrals was 157, in comparison with 82 in 2012. The service gave over 1500 hours of counselling and 225 hours of supervision in 2013. The Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service continues to be extremely busy, which is why we are getting so many referrals.

We have been particularly busy since last September and have already had 62 new clients this year. Consequently we have a growing waiting list, although the counsellors are working very hard to accommodate this.

Thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Amanda, Annabel, Carmel, Christine, Emma, Fiona, Jane, Jo, Julie, Liz, Sue, and Sarah, Colin, Greg, Nigel and Tom and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura, Sarah and Brian, who all continue to give their time and skills. We have just been joined by Dilnia, who has recently come to the island and has nearly completed her level 4 course in the UK. We welcome her.

With so many counsellors, we were in need of more venues in which to see clients. We are appreciative of the use of rooms and facilities at St Andrew’s Church Barn, Les Camps Methodist Church, Trinity Church, The King’s Barn Mission in Rue du Gelee, Bordeaux Mission and Galaad Methodist Church. We have been offered the use of St Matthew’s Church Hall at Le Guet in Castel and a room in the old Rectory at St Pierre du Bois, for which we are thankful and they are now ready and available for use. Continue reading