Spring Newsletter 2015

Counselling: In 2014, our final total of new referrals was 189. The number of counselling hours delivered for the year was just over 1900, nearly 400 more than 2013, and supervision hours delivered were just over 200, a little less than 2013. This year we have had 36 new referrals so far by 3rd week of March. We have a waiting list, which will inevitably continue to grow although a few clients are being allocated to counsellors. The Mental Health Services are very stretched with a 6 month waiting list and we are receiving an increasing number of referrals from them.

Once again, thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Amanda, Annabel, Bebe, Carmel, Christine, Dilnia, Emma, Fiona, Jane, Jo, Julie C, Julie E, Liz, Sue, Zoe and Sarah, Colin, Greg and Nigel, and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura, Sarah and Brian who have continued to give their time and skills. Margaret gradually finished with her clients towards the end of the year and she has a couple of supervisees for a while longer. Maura also finished her supervision in February this year. We wish Margaret and Maura a long and peaceful retirement, which they truly deserve.

Colin returned to the UK in June and Julie E went at the end of September. We were joined by Beckie in September and we welcome her. Carmel and Jo are finishing their placements with us and Dilnia leaves the island in May. We thank all those who have left or are leaving us for all their hard work and wish them well in the future.

AGM Wednesday 29th April at 6pm in the Reading Room at Les Cotils.
We will stay for a meal afterwards, so please let us know if you are interested.
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