Winter Newsletter 2012

Dear Friends & Supporters

Counselling: This year has not been quite such a busy one for counselling, but extremely busy with training. So far we have had 75 new referrals. The Primary Care Mental Health and Wellbeing Service continues to take many of the referrals from GPs. Thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Amanda, Fiona, Liz, Sue, Christine, Emma, Nigel and Tom, Annabel, Jane and Sarah and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura and Brian, who continue to give their time and skills. Brian, Elizabeth and Janet have been helping with personal therapy for students, together with Felicity and Gillian from outside of Philippi. Helen and Pat have been taking a break for family reasons. During the year we welcomed Colin who trained in Ireland and recently Greg, who is training in London. We have been able to allocate clients to counsellors, without having a waiting list until recently.

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Spring Newsletter 2011

Dear friends & supporters

Counselling: Last year was a busy one for counselling and training. We had 122 new referrals, just a few less than 2009 and just over 700 sessions of counselling were delivered, 200 less than 2009.  Currently there is a 2 – 3 month waiting list of about a dozen people. Thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Janet, Amanda, Magdalena, Helen, Liz, Lucy, Pat and Sarah and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura, Jenny and Brian who continue to give their time and skills.

Unfortunately, it has been a difficult year for many of our counsellors. Thankfully, Margaret has recovered well from her two episodes of surgery, which have been successful. Others are or have been unwell or had family concerns. Magdalena expects her first baby soon and we wish her well. We are pleased to welcome Fiona and her family to the island and look forward to Fiona’s participation with us.

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