Spring Newsletter 2015

Counselling: In 2014, our final total of new referrals was 189. The number of counselling hours delivered for the year was just over 1900, nearly 400 more than 2013, and supervision hours delivered were just over 200, a little less than 2013. This year we have had 36 new referrals so far by 3rd week of March. We have a waiting list, which will inevitably continue to grow although a few clients are being allocated to counsellors. The Mental Health Services are very stretched with a 6 month waiting list and we are receiving an increasing number of referrals from them.

Once again, thanks go to our counsellors; Margaret, Amanda, Annabel, Bebe, Carmel, Christine, Dilnia, Emma, Fiona, Jane, Jo, Julie C, Julie E, Liz, Sue, Zoe and Sarah, Colin, Greg and Nigel, and our supervisors; Margaret, Maura, Sarah and Brian who have continued to give their time and skills. Margaret gradually finished with her clients towards the end of the year and she has a couple of supervisees for a while longer. Maura also finished her supervision in February this year. We wish Margaret and Maura a long and peaceful retirement, which they truly deserve.

Colin returned to the UK in June and Julie E went at the end of September. We were joined by Beckie in September and we welcome her. Carmel and Jo are finishing their placements with us and Dilnia leaves the island in May. We thank all those who have left or are leaving us for all their hard work and wish them well in the future.

AGM Wednesday 29th April at 6pm in the Reading Room at Les Cotils.
We will stay for a meal afterwards, so please let us know if you are interested.

Administration: Rosalind’s childminding commitments are increasing, which has been causing a problem with her hours recently. We are currently considering alternative arrangements. There is more competition for the office, since the Pre-school has been using St Andrew’s Barn from 8.30am until 2.30pm every day, making it virtually impossible to be in the office.
Emma took over the phone some months ago, which is a great help.

Training courses: Three Listening & Responding Days have been run since last April, including one in Sark, one in November and one in February this year, hoping to interest people in the Level 2 Course.

The current plan is to run the Level 2 starting in April with a Philippi tutor from the UK. We have 6 students, which is the minimum requirement. All the courses have been re-written and approved by a different awarding body CPCAB, which is exciting.

Fundraising: BWCI have kindly offered to print our new leaflet, the artwork for which was done by the designer, who did the other items for us; the business and appointment cards and the notepaper.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development): A full programme has continued since the Level 4 course finished, thanks to Margaret who initiated it.

Philippi Trust International: There was a meeting in Ireland last October to discuss the establishment of Philippi Trust International as a charitable company to protect the core of Malcolm’s vision of Philippi. Representatives met from Germany, Namibia, the UK, Guernsey, the USA and Ireland. Unfortunately, Chantal and Barbara were not able to come from South Africa, due to late funding issues and Malcolm’s health prevented him from coming. It is proposed that each Centre will contribute to the maintenance of this new enterprise.

The next Philippi Trust International conference is being held in Namibia in October. The theme of the conference is Gender Based Violence. It will be an amazing experience to go for the conference and stay for a holiday afterwards. Do contact me if you might be interested in going!